I’m a Finance Consultant who works long hours on the computer and I have been a recipient of massage therapy for over a decade now. Over this time it has been rare to come across someone as well versed with remedial massage as Jenn Dvorak. From the first day, I intuitively felt very comfortable with her and she is a great listener and we always get into some really great conversations during treatment. Even though I feel more in tune with her treatment in silence, its just great having someone who has become a friend to have a meaningful conversation with. Her technique seems just right for me as I dont have to tell her much since she identifies my problem spots and applies the right treatment, even though she will always check on where I need treatment. I like firm strong massages and her style matches perfectly with what I need. My pain levels, range mobility and relaxation of muscle tension all improve after every treatment. I know she has a holistic view on health and applies this in her work which she clearly enjoys and that shows in the results. I think she’s great and recommend her highly 🙂



“Jenni Pekkanen has really helped me tolerate the pain I have in both my shoulders due to many years of hairdressing. After being diagnosed with bursitis years ago, I have now felt great relief through the remedial massage. After my massage I always walk away feeling both relaxed and energized! I highly recommend Jenni.”



“I have been receiving massage therapy from Jennifer and Jen of Currambine Massage Therapy for a few years now and highly recommend their services. They are both extremely professional, personable and caring therapists. Do your body a favour and put it in their hands!!!”



“Currambine Massage Therapy is a truly professional practice and their client care relationship is outstanding. They are highly recommended.”

– Anonymous


“I was experiencing muscular discomfort due to my occupation and the fact that I had recently taken up netball again. I was informed that remedial massage could help. I was referred to Jenni Pekkanen by a friend of mine and have found that it really helps. I leave feeling so much better and have found that I experience fewer headaches aswell. I would highly recommend Jenni and also advise to get a 90 minute massage if possible because trust me, you won’t want to leave after the 60 minutes is up!”



“I’ve worked in Perth’s main trauma hospital for ~20 years, spending long hours on my feet and doing some very heavy physical work both on the wards and (for the past 6 years) in the operating theatres. As a consequence, I’m both physically and mentally worn out by the end of a 7 night run….and thats why I make it a priority to visit Currambine Massage on a weekly basis; to not only help me physically recover and relax but also mentally and emotionally too. I highly recommend a remedial massage session with either of the girls as a MUST for anyone working in even the least stressful of environments. Trust me, your joints, muscles and sanity will thank you for it.”

J. Morris


“If you’re looking for a skilled massage therapist who is professional, knowledgeable, attentive and gives exceptional massages look no further than Jen D at Currambine Massage Therapy. I have Spina Bifida and have many issues with my back and legs which leaves a daily struggle of pains. Before I started massage therapy my muscles were very tight some due to all my surgeries and the rest due to the deterioration of my condition which was causing increased pains making it more difficult to walk. Since I started my sessions with Jen it’s been less painful to walk and has reduced my pains in my limbs dramatically which for me makes a big difference in how I manage with daily battles. Jen is an absolute massage genius. She intuitively knows where to focus to relieve me of my aches and pains and works through all my issues! I always leave Jen’s massages feeling both energized and relaxed. Jen is a caring, generous and amazing human being that really cares about people’s well-being. I use massage on a weekly basis to maintain and reduce the areas of tightness caused by my condition. I recommend everyone I know to her and can’t praise her massages enough. Thank you so much Jen for all you have done for me, I am so blessed to have met you!”