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All our therapists have years’ worth of experience and each have their area of expertise. We will work with you to reduce your pain, increase your movement, reduce your chance of injury, increase energy levels, reduce stress levels and increase your serotonin production. Whether your complaint is chronic or acute, or you simply want some ‘me time’ our therapists are highly trained to help.

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Take Your Yoga Practice to New Heights with Aerial Yoga. Combining traditional yoga postures with the support of soft fabric hammocks, aerial yoga allows you to explore new dimensions of strength, flexibility, and balance.

Elevate Your Yoga Practice And Experience The Exhilaration Of Suspended Movement With Aerial Yoga. Discover the freedom of weightlessness as you flow through graceful movements, inversions, and assisted stretches. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a curious beginner, we will guide you through a unique and empowering journey that will leave you feeling light, empowered, and connected to your inner self. Unleash your inner child and soar to new heights with this playful style of Yoga. 

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Massage Therapy & Yoga Benefits Everyone Who Practices It, For Numerous Reasons